Free Comic Book Day – May 4, 2013

Comics Vs. Toys in Eagle Rock

Put the word free next to anything and people go crazy. Free Comic Book Day is a great marketing tactic for publishers to get the word out on unknown books and new talent, and also introduces a good jumping on point for newcomers to get familiar with ongoing series. It’s also the day where grown men push children to get a free comic. Some people take their free comics way too seriously.

I attended three local shops in my area. One costumed person, plenty of sales and lots of adults were found.

THANK YOU > 5011 york blvd

THANK YOU in Highland Park
THANK YOU in Highland Park

They had themselves a sale on Marvel hardcovers. Some were as low as $3. That’s like a cup of coffee. THANK YOU’s sister store, Secret Headquarters in Silver Lake, happen to treat comic aficionados as people. There is a culture alive and well at both shops, but it seldom feels pandering, or indicative of any type of marketing ploy.  THANK YOU comes across as a great first shop for children or adults. It’s classy, while still being incredibly fun.


Comics Vs. Toys > 1613 Colorado Blvd

They had Batman. That should make for an exciting day. Kind of weird to see the dark knight in broad daylight under a tent, but you know what, that’s cool, because you have to suspend disbelief when dealing with comic books. There’s no place for reality, physics or logic in the world of comic books. It wasn’t just a guy in a costume. Nope.

Comics Factory > 1298 E Colorado Blvd

The line at Comics factory pushed out the door. A man in a suit was referred to by the staff as ‘The Doctor’ and he lapped it up. A group of men pushed through the line and then stopped in front of the free comic books.

I picked a handful of free comics and also purchased some graphic novels, because I’m weak and I don’t like money.

That’s where the anime lives

Also, Comics Factory has a dense manga library. We don’t go back there anymore.

The day also celebrated May The 4th Be With You, Star Wars Day, which is like a lunar eclipse over the Arctic Circle, creating the perfect Death Star joke, but I’m not going to do it.