Gallery Nucleus – A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far Away


It’s comforting to know that Star Wars still brings out the good in people. Most everyone attending Gallery Nucleus’ “A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute Event to a Galaxy Far, Far Away” show were polite, posed, and not one person asked me why I would ever take their photo. Even the Ewok posed.

GalleryN22See. Ewok. She could just have easily hit me with a stick. Game over. Yes, the Ewoks turned the end of “Return of the Jedi” into a teddy bear show, but that’s OK, because there was that spin-off movie that we all remember.

Gallery Nucleus put up with Sith, Jedi, droids, and a few art lovers. Over 60 artists were featured, along with a remote controlled R2-D2, and plenty of extended universe art, characters and material from novels post-movies.

Think Asajj Ventress and if you know who that is then you’ve probably invested some time in trying to make a lightsaber or attempting to move an object with your mind. It’s cool. We’ve all tried it.

GalleryN2May 4th is synonymous with the force, and even though Star Trek will be all that people will be talking about this summer, the recent purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney renews hope for the once grand saga.

“A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far, Away” at Gallery Nucleus 210 E. Main Street Alhambra, CA 91801 through May 26