The Mormons – 2009 and 2013

0There is this group in Los Angeles called the Mormons. They’re a band and they sound like a Devo-esque freak folk outfit. The Mormons wear bike safety gear on stage, but don’t let that dissuade you into thinking that they’re some sort of gimmick.

FYF 2009 took place at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The Mormons were not part of the lineup, but they showed up anyways and played at the China Town train stop. Fast forward to 2013 and they’re still making music only now indoors at The Satellite in Silver Lake. Patrick Jones, lead singer, strutted and frolicked on stage and eventually dived feet first into a recycling bin. He kept singing as he hopped around the room in the bin, the rest of the band continuing to play as though this were a normal thing for him to do.


Sure why not. Eventually he had to get out and the show was over. But the impression they left was gosh darn special. Such polite boys.