Bunnies and Kitties at MorYork Gallery

Bunnies and Kitties at MorYork Gallery
Bunnies and Kitties at MorYork Gallery

August 2, 2013 – It was an intimate set, about 50 people quietly sat for Bunnies and Kitties, the stage name of guitarist Rafael Bustamante. He charmed his way through an amazing acoustic performance, taking questions and explaining why he wrote a song about the teen who mugged his friend.

“I wanted to console my friend, so I wrote this and hopefully it makes sense,” said Bustamante who launched into a lovely song where he rhymed and darted around the subject of friends getting mugged.

Bustamante also explained that Friday night’s show was his last one in his twenties, as the next day would be his birthday.

When someone in the audience asked what was his favorite time during his twenties Bustamante pointed to the floor, “This is it.”

Also in attendance was Bustamante’s family, including his grandfather who shouted between songs, ‘¡es mi nieto!’

Along with an acapella crew Bustamante was accompanied by cello, upright bass and a melodica for a Spanish bolero.

MorYork Gallery reminds of a shipwrecked galleon spilling its treasure, a collection of Lovecraftian lore and driftwood relics. It’s a sensory overload and comforting at the same time, being surrounded by so many details and figures. Bunnies and Kitties seemed to make it all drift away, filled the sails and so on and so forth.