Secretly Laughing

hp9 copySometimes people catch me taking photos of them. These moments are somewhat awkward, but also a reminder that these are people just minding their own business. I think his expression summarizes the experience for both of us. I think the camera was titled which gives all the cars that angled look, though the man was slouching, so he appears to be standing upright.

Crossing York Boulevard and Avenue 63


Remember Alhambra

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Alhambra has along its Main Street a gloss, a gleam that is new and fresh. In March the L.A. Conservancy gave Alhambra an F in terms of preservation. Much of the push for new businesses in Alhambra has defeated the purpose for any type of single story buildings along its Main Street. The Diner on Main Street remains, along with a handful of other properties.

Super A Market served the ethnic Latino community along Main Street. A mixed use structure will be going up, with live/work properties. Under my Super A photo is an image of what happened to that piece of Main Street.

There is a mixture of ethnic Chinese, Latino and contemporary influences on the architecture and storefronts. Though what’s winning out remains to be seen. Think vertically in terms of real estate and maximizing space. It’s forward thinking, but it also looks beyond the community currently living there.00000025

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