The Walk for the Dead

8Highland Park, July 2014 – Pedestrian and bicycle advocates marched to their local councilmember’s office to ask for safer streets. The marchers included parents, their children and concerned residents of surrounding neighborhoods who travel along Figueroa Street on bicycle. Poster boards read pedestrian fatalities along Figueroa, while others wore Dia De Los Muertos face paint to honor their memory. Story over at The Eastsider L.A.

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“The real goal is not to just bring bike lanes to Figueroa, but to get people to understand the project is about safety. The opponents of this movement see those who support a safer Figueroa Street as only concerned with bicycle lanes when that’s not the only issue.”
– Jeff Jacobberger


“This is to raise awareness that some people ride bicycles on Figueroa. They want to be safe.”
– Julie Immink


“I’m here to show people to be aware that Figueroa is not just for cars. There is a bike movement here.”
– Kate Aguilere


“My daughter rides Figueroa everyday by bicycle with her father. They travel it every day to get to school.”
– Susan Wong