Korra/Last Airbender Tribute show at Gallery Nucleus: Part 1


Alhambra – The Avatar tribute exhibition at Gallery Nucleus was a sort of victory lap for show creators Bryan Konietzco and Michael DiMartino. The gallery show marked the 10 year anniversary for Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the spin-off series The Legend of Korra which just ended in December 2014.

Both animated series revolved around a world inspired by Eastern mysticism, fantasy adventure and steam punk vehicles. But the legacy the Nickelodeon series leaves behind is a testament to its engaging characters, complex storylines and a fan base with a voracious appetite for more stories from the world of Avatar.

The actual line to get into the gallery show wrapped around the block and plenty of fans came dressed as their favorite characters from the series. Some fans camped out overnight in costume and make, but you couldn’t tell by the energy people were putting out.


9272330102117In Part 2 some words from the fans, and the show’s creators. Plus more photos of people in cosplay!