Korra/Last Airbender Tribute show at Gallery Nucleus: Part 2

29Alhambra – The Legend of Korra and The Last Airbender were two cartoon series that touched the lives of many fans. Some were so moved that they camped outside Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra for a chance to meet the show’s creators.

  • Mattie Stacey drove with a group of friends from Oakland, California to secure her spot outside the gallery.

“I enjoy the universe, it’s a fun way to have a balance of really, heavy issues – they’re going to war, but there’s still a lot of silliness.”

  • Steve Perez wants Korra’s story to continue.

“If I could ask the creators a question – what is the possibility of there being a comic that updates monthly and explores that world?”

  • Lorraine Grate thinks the show’s complexity gives people a chance to redefine what a hero looks like.

“The show was really progressive, and the main character is female. And then she ends up bi-sexual in the end. It shows a lot of people that there are more than just white, male protagonists. It’s a great show and well written.”

  • When asked about the crowds and the fans camping out for the exhibition show creator Michael DiMartino had this to say:

“It’s amazing. I always get a little overwhelmed when I see the crowds. I also feel bad when I hear that people slept over for two nights. But I appreciate their dedication and support. Even one night, even 10 hours is more than I’ve given to my favorite shows. It’s very humbling.”

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Legend of Korra creators Michael DiMartino, left and Bryan Konietzko.

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