Here lives the iconoclast


Hermon, Los Angeles 2015

Homer Simpson was once a sacred cow. But the generation who ate/wore/quoted Simpson’s merchandise are now disillusioned adults. The gravitas associated with Homer and Bart is equal to an older generation’s reverence for Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Calvin & Hobbes. Those mascots of yesterday represented endless summers, smiling avatars of youth.

Inside this garage Homer is an act of vandalism and a work of art. To the owners it’s a headache. Those who grew up with The Simpsons will have countless hours of reference to the character. Saxamaphone is holy. To some children Homer Simpson was the one constant in their lives, perpetually syndicated, always reliable in his never-changing gags.

But here, sprayed on the walls, lives the iconoclast. The past generation did not worship money or God. It was D’oh. Always and forever D’oh. Homer is Dead. Long Live Homer.