CXQ2mbSUEAAKJesThis here Nissan ran over a spike strip after a pursuit. According to police reports, the driver stepped out of the vehicle with a knife held to his neck, threatening to harm himself. The driver then got back into the car and police had to send in a K-9 unit to bring out the suspect.

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Bird counting

Dawn Smith, center, looks through a field telescope at Keswick Dam on Sunday, as the Wintu Audubon Society conducts its Christmas Bird Count.

Birding, or bird watching, is setting out to find a specific type of bird.

But bird counting is the act of counting all birds that cross your path. All of them. This was part of the Christmas Bird Count in Redding, 2015, which took place on an overcast, Sunday morning. All the birds were counted for the sake of determining trends in bird populations.

It sounds like a Greek parable, of not spending your time counting the birds in the sky. I’m sure this is a parable in some agrarian society.

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