Downtown Los Angeles

Broadway fancy

Broadway fancy
une 2015 – Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. He was waiting for a bus and said, “Go ahead and take the picture, but I’m going to be moving in a few seconds so hurry.”

Broadway heaven

JFilm – Broadway and Olympic

Their prayer could be heard over the sound of traffic and people walking their micro-dogs near their micro-lofts. At times Broadway is unrecognizable, but Christ is persistent.

Let me tell you about my boat – Part 2

bOn the bus to and from the Metropolitan Courthouse for Jury Duty. Found myself on a jury for two weeks, and if you’ve ever had to sit still without actually working – writing, typing, reading, drawing – then you know that something swells up in the mind, a magma force waiting to bubble to the surface. These images from my seat on the bus are the islands that formed from the extreme anxiety of having to sit through a court case.


Let me tell you about my boat – Part 1

kDowntown Los Angeles – These images were the result of the evening rush making their way home. There are few opportunities for harsh lighting to find a way into Downtown, what with all the buildings and the limited space available. My view from the bus window gave the photos here a candid quality. Some people noticed me from my seat with the camera, but for the most part these are the swimmers outside the boat, making their way home.