El Sereno

You’re Not An Airplane

classicMay 2015 Film – The harsh lights from the car wash seem to dull around the body of this car. Most of it seemed to be the pride that the owner bestowed on its armor. He wiped down its finish, just waiting for someone to pass by and strike up a conversation.


chiefChief the dog lives in El Sereno and is surrounded by brick, trees and cars. He’s usually animated, but after a long afternoon of chasing a stick or escaping from the yard he hams it up.


mazEl Sereno – Mazatlan has had itself a pretty hairy history. In the last few years the building was painted and the colors seem a stark contrast with the rest of the area. Maybe it’s a good thing.


Elephant Hill from Rose Hills, with the clouds as witness


Soto Street Bridge is below, with Elephant Hills watching over. To think that on the other side of those hills is a high school, with high fences and bars on windows and toilet stalls without doors and broken mirrors, and hundreds of lockers throughout the campus, but no one can use them.

Today I ventured up Moonstone, and then to Onyx and it turns out that Rose Hills has a series of streets named after minerals and other geologically difficult to pronounce words in Spanglish, so all the tias say, “Voy a onxs, y moon.”

At the top of the hill is an altar to La Virgen de Guadalupe. But does that make her La Virgen de Rose Hills or El Sereno?sarcosa sarcosa 2  hills2

Day’s end with Israel

IsraelSometime around 5:30 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon at the auto body shop in El Sereno.

I ask: “How was your day?”

“Bueno. Trabajo un poco, gracias,” Israel says.

‘Good. Working a little bit, thank you.’

Film, July 2013


Rancho Meat Market

DSC_0035My grandmother’s friends would take us shopping here in El Sereno. The butcher was stained in blood, handling the wax paper, smiling as he held tripa and lengua.



El Sereno, Los Angeles, Huntington Drive. Film.