Bionico, 2013
Bionico, 2013

The ideal bionico:

Strawberry, green apple, banana, shredded coconut, diced almonds and sugar mixed with sour cream.

Some fruta stands include watermelon, guava, raisins, grapes, papaya – makes me think that someone is playing a game with me when they send over a bionico with cucumbers.

“Let’s see if that guy eats this,” they whisper from the chopping block.

The simpler the better. Watermelon? Too much… well, water. Guava? Grapes? Raisins? They’re the same fruit, only in different states of their life.


Our Man Hugh


Somewhere in Hollywood, with his chess board, his back pack and that collection of Tai Chi books, dog eared, always contemplating the soul and the souls of others, like this great big interconnected all soul that he’s sure he’s seeing at a movie theater once. He tells me that I’m a stranger the first time I meet him, back in 2008, on my birthday, right on the street and I say, I’m a stranger, sure, but I’ll make you into a picture.