Broadway heaven

JFilm – Broadway and Olympic

Their prayer could be heard over the sound of traffic and people walking their micro-dogs near their micro-lofts. At times Broadway is unrecognizable, but Christ is persistent.

La Fuente


March 2015: La Fuente’s kitchen smells of fajitas, menudo and plenty of other Mexican staples. But the men of the kitchen are willing to make a dish that might not be on the menu – like a potato taco. People at work tend to pose when they’re in front of a lens, but I think these two were happy to just be photographed.

Shot on the N2020 film camera with two very different exposures. The kitchen itself is a series of blues, grays and bright white florescent lights, but the opening into the dining room is flush with natural lighting coming in from the windows. Can’t blame the light meter for the difference in the two images, which are only a few feet apart.

Weird Fishes

A“Can I take your picture?”


“It’s not everyday you see someone riding their board with a bag of fish.”

“Okay, but I don’t want my face in the picture.”

Film|Figueroa Street, Highland Park. March 2015